tracy hopkirk jewellery

Tracy Hopkirk

about the artist

I have worked as a jeweller for 30 years. I enrolled at Sydney College of the Arts at the age of 18. At art school I tried a diverse range of subjects, ceramics, photography, majoring in Jewellery and silversmithing. All of these disciplines have contributed to my work enormously.

After leaving college I did an apprenticeship for one year with Philip Noakes. During this time I gained invaluable knowledge of design and technique which when married with my arts training put me in a position to start producing and selling my own work.

Around this time I began a career in adult education, where I taught Jewellery and Object Design within T.A.F.E and University for 12 years. Teaching opened my eyes even further to the endless possibities of jewellery, objects and sculpture.

I found myself drawn to the intimate nature of jewellery and its relationship to the body.

I choose the materials I use for their natural qualities and their strength, often I will purposefully leave them in a raw state, so there is no confusion about the work, about 'what you get'.

I like there to be a simplicity about my work, that the objects I create feel almost as though you dug something precious and rare from the ground. I am particularly drawn to 22 carat gold for its overwhelming beauty and almost butter-like malleability. I like to include it, even in a small way somewhere in my designs.

Often I'll work on an idea, producing a series or run of works. I draw upon a diverse range of approaches and materials as I explore ideas.

The scope of my work has grown and changed over time, working not just within jewellery but also on larger scale sculptural pieces. My work should be comfortable but it also should push one's expectation, of what jewellery should be.